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Our Mission

Our Mission

To ensure people with disabilities have the opportunity to lead self-determined lives.

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Our History

Avenues to Community is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that has been providing Case Management services to people with

disabilities since 2001

Avenues to Community Values


We take the time to get to know the person that we are supporting. We listen, collaborate, and build bridges between the person and opportunities in the community.


We are strong proponents of the idea that people should decide their own path and define their own goals. We partner with the person and their support system to help find the resources they need to reach their goals and dreams.


We value the connections that we can help make for people in their local community. We help people establish formal and informal supports and networks.


We create a unique relationship with each person we support. They imagine what is possible and we help the person make a plan to achieve their goals and dreams.


We know how important it is to have several options and opportunities. We present available resources objectively to the person and empower them to make independent choices.

Support and Service Coordination

Avenues to Community has a contract with the Dane County Department of Human Services to provide Support and Service Coordination Services to children and youth who are eligible for the CLTS Medicaid Waiver Program.  Support and service coordinators assists a participant and their family to achieve an inclusive, interdependent, and self-empowered life. The participant’s support and service coordinator (SSC) uses their knowledge of available programs, resources, and services to create an individualized service plan that best supports the participant and family in pursuit of their desired outcomes. This includes connecting families to supports throughout the community and promotes the participant’s self-determination and involvement in all facets of community life.



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There are a broad range of services offered through the CLTS Waiver Program to meet the needs and goals of your child and your family. Each plan is individualized and a CLTS case manager will work with children and their families to identify needs and goals that will help a child be an active participant in their home and community.

In addition to a case manager, some examples of possible services include:​

  • counseling and therapeutic services

  • discovery and career planning

  • empowerment and self-determination

  • home modifications

  • respite; and

  • specialized therapeutic and medical supplies.

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Interested in CLTS Services?

If you are interested in enrolling in the CLTS program, to start the intake, eligibility, and enrollment process, contact the Dane County Department of Human Services. 

To help us ensure children with disabilities and their families have the opportunities meet their needs and goals in Dane County.

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