Avenues to Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you for your generous donation and support of our mission.


The Future Fund is a Board designated unrestricted fund. This fund is used to offset expenses not covered by the Dane County or other contracts and can be carried over from year to year.

Access to Community Services

Avenues is a member of Access to Community Services (ACS), which is an umbrella group made up of eleven organizations working together to help people with disabilities and other challenges to live, work, play and succeed in our community.

More than 3,500 individuals receive services from ACS organizations every year. ACS organizations are not affiliated with the United Way of Dane County. Individuals can contribute to Avenues and ACS organizations through State, County and City employer campaigns. State of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Dane County, and City of Madison employees can donate to Avenues through the Partners in Giving combined campaigns. Avenues is listed under Access to Community Services as number 512 in the Combined Campaign and Partners in Giving brochures.


With final approval by the Avenues to Community, Inc. Board of Directors in December of 2002, the Road to Success Fund consists of money raised through grants, specified donations received, and revenue over expenses from the Day Tripper events. The purpose of the Road to Success Fund is to provide financial support to consumers of the agency to assist with otherwise unmet needs. The Road to Success Fund is a Board designated restricted account and funds in this account can be carried over from year to year. Money allocated to the Road to Success Fund cannot be used for administration, agency operating, or personnel expenses. A committee made up of the Executive Director, an Avenues’ Support Broker, a family member, and an Avenues’ consumer meets approximately three times a year to review requests.